Terrible Hotel – Keeps Getting Worse

Last Saturday, I blogged about a disappointing Atlanta hotel check-in.  You can read about it here.  After a weekend in Atlanta, the hotel situation got worse.

On Sunday afternoon, while at the the airport, I remembered that I left behind an electric toothbrush and a toiletry bag in my hotel room. I phoned the hotel, explained my situation and was asked to leave a message for the housekeeping staff.  The hotel wasn’t able to provide an answer about the missing items until Thursday – it took four days for the hotel staff to admit that the items were accidentally thrown away.

The items left behind are easy to replace … except for the mouthguard.  Very frustrating!  In my opinion, this hotel suffers from a lack of standard operating procedure.

The hotel’s general manager accommodated me with additional hotel reward points.  I’d rather have my mouthguard.

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One comment on “Terrible Hotel – Keeps Getting Worse

  1. Joe Coscia on said:

    Polite; Never surrender. Play Dumb with a calm question voice.
    Find the upper management direct in Hotel or over chain(s)head, even major hotel concerns (maybe BBB).
    Ask a question to one who knows what you’re talking about with common experience (still dumb Q) .
    I have a question. I hope this makes sense.
    Now you already understand the problem, There is a better way to resolve this.
    Would it be better to resolve my loss based on whose expense.
    My mouth guard is my property in your possesion. If there was only a mistake and trashed it, without normal lost & found, I can have another replacement for $$$.
    Does it makes sense to only expend (responsibility) a few dollars than expend more time consuming and funds that MAY end on TV (publicity)(newpaper) or in Court. Expand using cause/effect.
    Add in: My expertise/reason I checked in was to promote Cust Service in all areas (not just/only hotels). As a customer My needs have not yet been met.
    It is not just a toothbrush or toothpaste. It is a medical requirement.
    My quess (on this Q) Is to come to terms and discover another diff.
    I would only suggest, who found it, what/how/when happened.
    Since it was your responsibility, Would your firm cover this extra expanse on my part? OR consider the time and expense of a law firm for your defense.
    Have you ever noticed People’s Court or Judge Judy on TV?
    What avenue would you enjoy a walk?

    That’s a calm threat. He is in a corner. No way out!!!!
    I have also used this: Try this. I always teach my own employees.
    “It takes Months to find one customer and Seconds to lose one”.
    Positive words move slower and closer. Negative words spread as wild fire.
    (reputation). How much time and expense is more important?
    Can you help me? I am attempting to help you!! (that’s the close)

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